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7 resources to create a home with less toxins.

7 resources to help you create a low toxin /no nasties environment in your home. The cat has been let out of the bag and continues to wreak havoc in our environment and on our health – (sorry cat lovers). This cat is the continuous release of new, untested chemicals onto the market and used . . .

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How To Create A Bee-Friendly Garden

    Robert Owen, author of the recently released book The Australian Beekeeping Manual  – written specifically for Australian beekeepers – shares tips on how to create a bee-friendly garden, whether you’re a beekeeper, or just want to encourage bees to visit your garden.           What is the ideal garden for . . .

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Sick : what’s in your environment? A positive approach…

Look upstream. Los Angeles doctor Rishi Manchanda treats more than the symptoms a patient presents with: he tries to get to the root cause of the illness. Manchanda does this by looking “upstream” at the social and environmental influences underlying the condition. Now, he is taking this one step further with a campaign to teach doctors and other . . .


Coir, Seagrass & Other Natural Fibre Carpets

Natural Floor Coverings… part 3 Many carpets and rugs contain a whole range of toxic ingredients, from chemicals used during their manufacture to pesticides and volatile organic compounds used in fumigation. We’ve already taken an in-depth look at sisal. Known for its excellent durability, this plant-based material boasts non-toxic properties and has no off gassing . . .

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