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7 resources to create a home with less toxins.

7 resources to help you create a low tox/no nasties environment in your home. The cat has been let out of the bag and continues to wreak havoc in our environment and on our health – (sorry cat lovers). This cat is the continuous release of new, untested chemicals onto the market and used daily. . . .

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How To Create A Be-Friendly Garden

    Robert Owen, author of the recently released book The Australian Beekeeping Manual  – written specifically for Australian beekeepers – shares tips on how to create a bee-friendly  . . .


Coir, Seagrass & Other Natural Fibre Carpets

Natural Floor Coverings... part 3 Many carpets and rugs contain a whole range of toxic ingredients, from chemicals used during their manufacture to pesticides and volatile organic compounds used  . . .

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