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Fair trade Factory Gate in India (SevenCanaries) 3Fish

Fair Trade a foundation for environmental and ethical decisions

Lizzie Marton, a writer and sustainability warrior who is passionate about things that matter, caught up with Natalie Dillon, co-founder of 3fish, an ethical clothing company that ensures the products they create ‘do good’ at every point along the supply chain. “We weren’t surprised with what happened in Dhaka in 2013. I wish we had been…” Natalie . . .


Coir, Seagrass & Other Natural Fibre Carpets

Natural Floor Coverings... part 3 Many carpets and rugs contain a whole range of toxic ingredients, from chemicals used during their manufacture to pesticides and volatile organic compounds used  . . .

sisal agave morgueF Calgrin

Sisal : Natural Carpets and Rugs

... part 2 Here at SevenCanaries, the search for natural floor coverings is a topic close to our heart. It’s a renewable resource that is able to absorb more carbon dioxide than it  . . .

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