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Coir, Seagrass & Other Natural Fibre Carpets

Natural Floor Coverings… part 3 Many carpets and rugs contain a whole range of toxic ingredients, from chemicals used during their manufacture to pesticides and volatile organic compounds used in fumigation. We’ve already taken an in-depth look at sisal. Known for its excellent durability, this plant-based material boasts non-toxic properties and has no off gassing . . .

asthma word art

Kids with Asthma? Hiring A Nanny?

In Australia, Asthma Affects More Than 1 in 9 Children. Many of these children attend school or kindy where their teachers are well educated in dealing with Asthma Management Plans. But what if you  . . .

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Sisal : Natural Carpets and Rugs

... part 2 Here at SevenCanaries, the search for natural floor coverings is a topic close to our heart. It’s a renewable resource that is able to absorb more carbon dioxide than it  . . .

Anxiety : what's wrong with me

Anxiety: What’s the matter with me?

  It’s not that there’s anything the matter with them per se. Instead, their choices are wrong: they’re seeking a magic bullet in those supplements that doesn’t actually exist. So  . . .

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